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Over the past two decades, Bengang Machinery has been dedicated to integrating the finest global resources and industry-leading practices. We have absorbed the exceptional quality ethos from countries like Germany, Japan, the United States, and Switzerland, aligning our product quality, reliability, and innovation with the industry’s elite.

Collaborating with the world’s top companies and partnering with the best professionals, we have consistently enhanced our quality engineering capabilities. This commitment ensures that our customers receive a seamless, high-quality experience from start to finish.

Adopting the ISO 9000 comprehensive quality management system, we are dedicated to the prevention of quality issues and the continuous improvement of our products and services.

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About Company

Professional and Expert Packaging Equipment

BenGang Machinery is a a packaging equipment factory which is long established engineering company which combined with R&D DPT, machine producing DPT, marketing DPT and after sales team DPT.

We are doing business specialize in food packing,medical supplies packing, commodity packing for more than 10 years experience in China. 

We provide professional Pre-sales service and after-sales service such as machine testing service and factory layout drawing service. 
And to Guarantee complete satisfaction of equipments installed all over the world, we also provide video and video call directly service.

We have ability to customize made and OEM for needed. Hope we have chance to cooperate together.



Our History

Superior Packaging Solution

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2008 - 2024

Our Most Efficient Year

In the past three years we have completed the upgrading of our packaging line, the development of accessories and the construction of 30 production lines. Want to Skyrocket your Business Now?

Why Choose Us

Reason For Choosing Us

Accredited Company

A number of patents, CE certification, GMP certification and ISO certification

100% Guarantee

The machines are automated, but our service satisfaction is done step by step.

Quality Material

High-quality stainless steel, self-developed accessories, one-year machine warranty

Working With The Best

Our Partners

Bengang Machinery work with Siemen
Bengang Machinery work with Schneide electric

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success.

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