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Custom Preformed Pouches

Find the manufacturer for preformed pouches in China, our factory offers free custom pouches design and packaging solutions for your product.

3 side seal pouch

3 Side Seal Pouch

Triple side seal pouches are simple bags that are usually sealed on both sides and the bottom of the bag. This bag type is suitable for products such as powders and granules and is easy to stack and store.

4 side seal pouch

4 Side Seal Pouch

Four side seal pouches seal on both sides, the top and the bottom of the pouch, creating a more complete sealing structure. This type of bag is typically used for products that require a tighter seal, such as liquids or semi-solids.

back seal pouch

Back Seal Pouch

Back Seal Pouches feature a closure on the back of the bag and this design is often used for simple packaging needs such as small packages of candy or small food items.

Sachets & Stick Packs

Sachets & Stick Packs

The Sachet&Stick pack is usually designed to accommodate slender products such as bar-shaped candies, chewing gum, energy bars, coffee bars, tea bags, and portable cosmetics.

spout pouch

Spout Pouch

Spouted pouches are designed with an inbuilt spout or nozzle for easy pouring of liquid products. This bag type is commonly used for packaging liquid food products such as sauces and beverages.

stand up pouch

Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches are designed to stand on shelves for high display and ease of carrying. They usually feature a re-closable zip or clip and are suitable for a wide range of products, including snacks, pet food, etc.

flat bottom pouch

Flat Bottom Pouch

Flat bottom pouches are designed with a flat bottom that allows them to stand on a horizontal surface, similar to a small stand-up pouch. This bag type is suitable for products that need to be displayed standing up.

quad seal pouch

Quad Seal Pouch

Qual Seal Pouches have seals at each corner, creating a square appearance. This bag type is often used for display packaging, such as gift wrap or high-end products.

gusset pouch

Gusset Pouch

Gusset pouches have extra gussets or folds on both sides of the pouch, which increases the capacity of the pouch, allowing it to hold more or larger sized products such as tools, small appliance accessories, etc.



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