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Custom Packaging Machine for Sale

At BG Machinery,We offer custom packaging machine service for your product.Whether the product is a viscous liquid, a mix of solids and powders, or a mix of solids and liquids, we guarantee your use with a one-year warranty!

prepared food

Prepared Foods Filling Machine

The rise of prepared foods has led to the development of specific packaging machines. We design prefabricated food packaging machine for your products with quality assurance and favourable price.


Shisha Packaging Machine

Increase your profits with BG machinery unique packaging line for shisha tobacco bags, 100% hermetic seals and exclusive machine learning dosing system. ·

laundry detergent pods

Laundry Pods Packaging Machine

Detergent pod packaging machine is a specialized automated equipment used for packaging laundry detergent pods.


Pickle Packing Machine

At BG Machinery,our packing machine is suitable for various granular products such as pickles, kimchi, pickle cucumber, puffed food, sliced dried meat floss, dried fish and cheese balls,


Cannabis Packaging Machine

We offer a wide range of cannabis filling and packaging machinery. Cannabis producers choose us mainly because of our high precision.

game cards

Trading Card Packaging Machine

BG machinery specialise in developing robots to work with trading card packaging with high accuracy, high speed and high efficiency.



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