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Rice Packing Machine

Custom Packing Machine for You

BG Machinery Packing Machine offers a wide range of rice machines, providing various solutions for your rice packing needs.

BG Machinery decents years of hands-on experience, enables it to offer various innovative packing solutions through its Vertical Stickpack Machine , VFFS Machine, and HFFS Machine manufactured with your needs.

Rice Packing Machine for Sale

premade pouch packaging machine
Pouch Machine

1 kg Pouch Packing Machine

This machine is designed for small-scale packaging, ideal for packing 1 kg pouches. It typically uses heat-sealing methods and include options for vacuum packing.

pouch packaging machine
Pouch Machine

5 kg Pouch Packaging Machine

Slightly larger than the 1 kg machine, this is designed to handle 5 kg pouches. It likely shares similar technology (such as heat sealing) but has a larger capacity and potentially faster throughput.

vertical form fill seal machine
VFFS Machine

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine for 10 kg Rice

This machine automates the process of making, filling, and sealing the pouch all in a vertical fashion. It's specifically calibrated for 10 kg of rice, making it ideal for medium-scale rice packaging.

vertical form fill seal machine
VFFS Machine

25 kg Rice Packaging Machine

Designed for larger quantities, this machine use a different mechanism (like big filling equipment) suitable for heavier 25 kg bags.

custom premade pouch packing machine
Bagger Machine

50 kg Rice Packing Machine

This is the largest scale among the ones listed, suitable for industrial-grade packaging of 50 kg rice bags. This machine include advanced features like heavy-duty conveyors and bulk handling systems.

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Please provide your product packaging type, packaging material,package size, and other details as well, Then our experts can recommend you the right model, and we provide customized packaging solution for your needs.
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You will receive photos and videos of the machine every 5-10 days so that you can assess its running condition. In addition, you’re welcome to check the machine by yourself at our factory.

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Ultimate Guide

Rice Packaging Machine : The Complete FAQ Guide in 2024

Table of Contents


Rice packaging machine is a specialized machine used in the food industry to package various types of grains, such as paddy, coffee beans, peanuts, wheat, and sunflower seeds. The Bengang Machinery rice packaging machine has the function of automatic filling, weighing, sealling. It’s equipped with a conveyor and bag sealing machine, with high packing precision and speed, it’s widely used in modern rice mill plant.


Type of Rice Packaging Machine

There are several types of rice packaging machines available in the market, each catering to meet different packaging needs. Some common types include vertical form-fill-seal machines, automatic bagging machines, and multi-head weighers. The choice of machine depends on factors such as packaging speed, bag size, packaging material, and desired level of automation.

Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) Machines 

Vertical form fill seal machines are a popular choice for packaging rice efficiently. They form bags from a roll of packaging film, fill them with rice, and seal them vertically. VFFS machines are known for their high-speed operation, making them ideal for large-scale rice production facilities. They offer flexibility in bag sizes and can accommodate various packaging materials.

Rotary Packaging Machines 

Rotary packaging machines are versatile solutions suitable for packaging rice in preformed bags. These machines feature a rotating carousel that moves bags through different stations for filling, sealing, and labeling. Rotary packaging machines offer high precision and can handle different bag styles, such as pillow bags and gusseted bags, catering to diverse packaging requirements.

Weighing and Filling Machines 

Weighing and filling machines are designed to accurately measure and fill rice into bags or containers. These machines utilize advanced weighing technology to ensure precise measurement, minimizing product giveaway and maximizing efficiency. They are often equipped with automatic feeding and packaging functions, reducing manual labor and increasing productivity.

Auger Filling Machines 

Auger filling machines are specifically designed for packaging powdered or granular products like rice. They feature a rotating auger screw that dispenses a controlled amount of rice into bags or containers. Auger filling machines are suitable for both free-flowing and non-free-flowing rice varieties, offering versatility in packaging options.

Vacuum Packaging Machines 

Vacuum packaging machines remove air from bags or pouches before sealing, extending the shelf life of rice by preventing oxidation and spoilage. These machines are ideal for packaging rice in vacuum-sealed bags, preserving freshness and flavor. Vacuum packaging also helps prevent insect infestation and moisture absorption, ensuring product quality during storage and transportation.

Combination Weighing and Packaging Systems 

Combination weighing and packaging systems combine multiple weighing units with packaging machinery to achieve high-speed and accurate rice packaging. These systems use sophisticated algorithms to distribute rice evenly into individual packages, optimizing efficiency and reducing product waste.

Automatic Bagging Machines 

Automatic bagging machines streamline the packaging process by automatically forming, filling, and sealing bags without manual intervention. These machines are equipped with advanced controls and sensors to ensure consistent and reliable packaging results. Automatic bagging machines are suitable for large-scale rice packaging operations, offering high throughput and efficiency.

The Benefits of Food Packaging Machine for Rice

  1. Packaging machines finds diverse applications across various industries, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and light sectors, with some involvement in agricultural production.
  2. These machinery offer ease of operation by automating bag creation, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, batch printing, and other essential functions.
  3. Remarkable efficiency characterizes packaging machinery in the international market, with output rates reaching up to 120-220 packs per minute. This marks a significant leap from manual production methods of the 1980s, multiplying productivity several times over.
  4. Emphasizing cleanliness, hygiene, and energy conservation, packaging machines eliminate the need for manual labor, ensuring a hygienic production environment. They also contribute to material conservation, cost reduction, and environmental sustainability.
  5. Equipped with side-opening protective baffles, these machines prioritize operator safety while providing clear visibility during operation, ensuring a secure working environment.
  6. Versatile customization: Packaging machinery can be tailored to meet specific production requirements, offering flexibility in packaging design, size, and material.
  7. Advanced Control Features: Modern packaging machines often come with advanced control systems, allowing for precise adjustment of packaging parameters and seamless integration into automated production lines.

Process of Rice Bagging

There are three stages to the whole weighing process: fast feeding, faster feeding, and slow feeding. This equipment can also be equipped with automatic sealing and conveying equipment to form a highly automated production line.

pouch packing work process

After the packaging scale switches to automatic mode, the weighing control system initiates feeding by opening the feeding door. This device offers fast and slow feeding stages: the fast feeding halts when the material hits the preset weight, transitioning to slow feeding. Upon reaching the final weight, the feeding door closes, completing dynamic weighing. Simultaneously, the system checks if the bag clamping device is ready; upon confirmation, it signals to open the weighing hopper discharge door, allowing material into the bag. Once discharged, the hopper door closes automatically, releasing the bag clamping device, and the bag descends for sewing and onward transportation. This seamless cycle operates automatically for efficiency.

Key Features For Selecting a Rice Packaging Machine

When selecting a rice packaging machine, prioritize these key features:

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Opt for high-speed machines capable of efficiently handling large volumes of rice.
  2. Accuracy: Ensure precise weight measurements for consistent packaging quality.
  3. Packaging Material Compatibility: Confirm compatibility with your chosen packaging materials, be it plastic bags or laminated pouches.
  4. Ease of Use and Maintenance: Choose a user-friendly machine with minimal downtime for maintenance and cleaning.
  5. Durability and Reliability: Consider the build quality and reliability reputation to ensure uninterrupted operation and longevity.
  6. Safety Features: Prioritize machines equipped with essential safety features to protect operators and prevent accidents.

Additionally, select a rice packaging machine from a reputable manufacturer like Zhangzhou Jialong Technology Inc., known for offering after-sales support, spare parts, and technical assistance.

Daily Maintenance for the Rice Packing Machine

  1. Ensure complete grounding of the equipment with a resistance below 4Ω to avoid electromagnetic interference. Shield the system from nearby electromagnetic and electrical disturbances.
  2. Maintain cleanliness by promptly removing dust to prevent contamination of critical components like the controller box, electrical connections, air exchange unit, and switches. To avoid exposure to water, oil, and metallic particles, and to regularly inspect and clean manual switches and buttons.
  3. During machine downtime or low material levels in storage, activate the scale’s pause function and secure the packaging bag to minimize waste. Avoid keeping the scale in feeding mode, especially rapid feeding, to prevent errors.
  4. Minimize manual operations to reduce the risk of errors. If errors occur, weigh the materials before proceeding to sewing or heat sealing. When manually feeding, ensure continuous button press until feeding is complete to prevent spillage from the storage.
  5. Allow a minimum of 15 seconds between switching off and on to protect the power supply system from damage caused by rapid switching.
  6. Use compressed air to clean dust and debris from the scale, then power off both the equipment and air supply for safety.


Now that you understand the different types of coffee packaging machines and process of bagging rice, it’s important to select the right machine for your business.

So, which type of rice packaging machine is best for your business? That answer depends on the products you are looking to package and the level of automation you need.

If you are unsure which machine would be a good fit for your company, contact Bengang Machine.

At Bengang Machinery, we can help you in finding the perfect machine for your needs. We have a wide selection of machines and knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have about selecting the right rice packaging machine for your business.

Contact us today to get started!

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